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Neurosurgery involves the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and spinal bones. Diagnoses commonly encountered include degenerative conditions such as arthritis, fractures, pinched nerves often resulting in pain in the neck and arms or back and legs, tumors of nerves, spinal cord, and brain, and blood vessels involving the brain and spine.

Modalities commonly used in the diagnosis of neurosurgical conditions involve x-ray, CT scan, MRI scan, and EMG/nerve conduction study. Occasionally myelography is also used. Targeted history and detailed physical exam are also critical in the assessment of neurosurgical patients.

Treatment options include both conservative and surgical approaches. Conservative treatment for degenerative conditions of the spine often involves physical therapy, various pain medications including anti-inflammatories, and spinal injections. Other modalities such as bracing, lifestyle modification, chiropractic evaluation, acupuncture, yoga, pilates, dedicated exercise regimens, nutrition, massage and heat therapy often play a role as well.

Goals of surgery often includes returning to previous levels of function including activities of daily living and employment, decreased level of discomfort, improvement in activity tolerance, and overall improved lifestyle satisfaction.

Surgical treatment can involve minimally invasive techniques. This often consists of tubular access surgery where a small incision is created and a series of dilators are placed to create a working channel where the muscle is temporarily split to gain access to the bone and nerves in order to perform the necessary surgery. This generally results in less perioperative pain and blood loss with earlier return to function and often is performed on an outpatient basis. These minimally invasive techniques can be performed both from a lateral or posterior approach.

Certain conditions require more traditional approaches. Often spinal deformities such as scoliosis or kyphosis require more extensive surgeries which are often performed through an open midline incision for best chance of success.

Davis Reames, MD, a fellowship trained Neurosurgeon practicing in Savannah, GA with expertise in minimally invasive and complex spine procedures, brain tumors and trauma, as well as peripheral nerve.

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Davis L. Reames, IV, M.D

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